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Sally Parker, Davis, California   Contact SallyTinyWorlds@gmail.com

Sally Who? and Tiny Worlds--What?  

Who:   Sally Parker.  Former high school biology teacher and editor of the Flatlander, a free rabble-rousing newspaper.  These days, I'm the Lead Tomato at Davis' monthly Square Tomatoes Crafts Fair.  I surf the Net for designs, folklore, and mysterious amulets; run a jewelry biz; and teach at the UC Davis Craft Center.  I live with my loving husband Martin Homec, three feline companions, and I feel privilidged to be the mother of my daughter Laura.
Work Space:  Davis, California, at home & the UC Davis Craft Center
What:  I cast bronze and silver, make beaded necklaces, polymer citters, and fabricated pieces
Retail, Wholesale: I sell at the Square Tomatoes Crafts Fair, from my own home, on Etsy, and soon through this website.
Teaching:: I teach model making and lost wax casting at the UC Davis Craft Center.

Amulets, Folklore, Netsuke, Science & Superstition

Real world fox.
Fox from the real world
Fox as a Japanese temple sculpture.
A statue of a fox at a Japanese Temple
A kitsune from a manga.
A kitsune from a manga.
A silver kitsune pendant.
I got inspired and made this silver kitsune..  Sorry only seven tails

Welcome to my website!

         I like jewelry that has personality.   This means amulets, spirit creatures, and netsuke-like sculptural pendants.  What is a netsuke?  Netsukes are Japanese antiques, tiny sculptural pieces that men wore on their belts sort of like cell phone charms of the Eighteenth century.  
         I’ve been fascinated with kitsunes—a 9-tailed Japanese spirit fox.  Kitsunes, like Western foxy ladies, are known for being slinky and causing mischief.  Japan’s national sorcerer, Abe no Seimei was said to have been born of a man and a fox spirit who shape-shifted into a woman and gave Seimei his spiritual powers. I’ve cast several versions of kitsunes and fox masks.     

Bad-Assed Crows

A bad assed crow made from polymer clay. I  started making creatures out of polymer clay long before I cast metal items.  Some of these made their way into metal form.  I’m still working on turning the bad-assed crow into a silver pendant.  Crows are opinionated, squawky, as inventive, and some say as intelligent as apes.  Crows follow human footprint, eat our garbage, devour battlefield corpses, and skulk their way through legends.


Silver critters based on Mayan designs.

Jewelry Inspired by Mayan Glyphs

One of the best parts of being a jeweler is surfing the Web for designs from all parts of the world.  No two cultures represent the natural world in the same way.  In fact, Japan and America don't even see ocean waves the same way.  I like the strong bold lines of Mayan design. Pictured above are drawings I made of Mayan glyphs.  Below the drawings are pendants I made in response to these designs.  I never saw a mermaid in Mayan glyphs, but I'm certain that they really meant to create one.  

Beat the Price of Precious Metal Clay:           Classes and Tutorials

          I'm pleased to tell fellow jewelers that they can beat the price of pmc and still make jewelry with a user-friendly (hands-in-the-goo) product.  Take a look at my tutorials page and see how.  Briefly, I model a  sculpture in SuperSculpy hard, make molds of this with SortaClear 18, pour wax in the mold, and cast this by the lost wax process.   I teach a class in this method at the UC Davis Craft Center.
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Sally Parker, Davis, California   Contact SallyTinyWorlds@gmail.com